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  • Schöpp Classic tennis carpet

    As early as 1978, Ralph Schöpp KG was the first manufacturer to produce a smooth velour surface for an indoor tennis court – since then more than 2000 velour courts have been installed. The experience gained during this period enables us to offer you a really perfect product today – the Schöpp-Classic. A yarn weight of 1000 g/sqm and a pile density of 244,000 tufts/sqm guarantee a surface quality that can no longer be surpassed in terms of sports functionality and durability. Sporty, fast bounce In the comfort variant, high surface elasticity with good evaluation comfort Life expectancy approx. 15 years, depending on the intensity of use. Elegant, cozy velour look.

  • Schöpp ProBounce textile hardcourt

    The ongoing development of tennis rackets over the last 20 years has fundamentally changed the game of tennis. The latest developments in rackets make it possible for even recreational players to hit the ball at high speeds. Today’s playing surfaces must provide greater deceleration of the ball and allow it to bounce higher. The classic smooth velour carpet such as the Schöpp-Classic, which is still available, are therefore now rarely in demand because of their very fast ball bounce.

    Our new coarse-fibre velour Schöpp-ProBounce, on the other hand, has a rough surface due to a single filament thickness of 200 dtex, which creates a slow ball bounce. It combines the professional coating properties of a hardcourt with the advantages of a textile tennis velour, which has rightly earned it the name “textile hardcourt”.