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Schöpp ProBounce textile hardcourt

The ongoing development of tennis rackets over the last 20 years has fundamentally changed the game of tennis. The latest developments in rackets make it possible for even recreational players to hit the ball at high speeds. Today’s playing surfaces must provide greater deceleration of the ball and allow it to bounce higher. The classic smooth velour carpet such as the Schöpp-Classic, which is still available, are therefore now rarely in demand because of their very fast ball bounce.

Our new coarse-fibre velour Schöpp-ProBounce, on the other hand, has a rough surface due to a single filament thickness of 200 dtex, which creates a slow ball bounce. It combines the professional coating properties of a hardcourt with the advantages of a textile tennis velour, which has rightly earned it the name “textile hardcourt”.



Schöpp ProBounce profile:

  • elegant, unstructular surface
  • perfect, high ball bonuce
  • very good answer for slice and top-spine
  • Standard version is similar to professional surfaces
  • Comfort version protects player’s joints
  • ProBounce giving a new posibilities
  • esthetic design and lifelong (up to 15 years)

Technical specification:

Material: 100% poliamid, orginal fiber, 200dex
Weight of pile: 750 g/m
Dentisity of pile: 160 000
Installation width: 370 cm
Lined material: white, made by the same material
Foundation: poliamid Comfort (elastic polymer base)