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Dragonet Starter ball machine

Dragonet works with an innovative and revolutionary continuous cycle system. There is no need to buy hundreds of balls; Dragonet has no reservoir to refill: with just five balls, it is basically possible to practice for hours without ever having to stop and pick up any. The special structure locks and channels the balls efficiently, allowing the player to focus solely on training.

Dragonet was born from the meeting of Giuseppe Spedaliere’s passion for tennis and his son Alessandro’s knowledge of electronics and programming.

The willingness to go beyond the classical concept of a ball-thrower and break new ground in tennis training is what led them to create, piece by piece and code by code, Dragonet: the machine that takes racquet sports training beyond the court.

To date Dragonet has a presence in more than 30 countries and several distributors around the world. Dragonet is a patented product that complies with international regulations and guidelines in major markets, including the United States, Canada, China and the European Union.


Data sheet of STARTER model:

  • Structure size: length 250cm, width 195cm, depth 50cm
  • Weigh: 30kg
  • Power supply: electricity
  • Control mode: knobs
  • Types of balls supported: orange, green, padel & tennis
  • Types of shots possible: forehand, backhand, vibora, volley, smash, bandeja
  • Distance: from 4m to 9m
  • Frequency: from 1,8sec to 10sec
  • Launch direction: central

General information:

  • Enter the world of Dragonet with the Starter model. All the features in even less space, with the possibility of personalizing your training simply using the knobs. The monodirectional launch system will allow you not only to improve your technique, but also your athletic preparation. You will be able to set spin, distance and frequency and also use the appropriate support to change the height of the trajectory. Select your desired settings, throw 4 balls to the net and start your session. Training has never been so easy and immediate!
  • Adjust the spin by choosing from 10 intensity levels and make the training more realistic as if you were playing on the court against an opponent.
  • Just few meters are enough to start training. Choose from 10 distance levels and set the shots based on the space you have available.
  • Choose your training pace. The frequency is customizable, ranging from a maximum of 1.8 seconds to a minimum of 3,4.