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Dragonet Pro ball machine

The ball thrower with catch net for amateurs and professionals! Ideal training device on any tennis or padel court and any surface. Perfect training even away from tennis or padel courts, for example on schoolyards, public sports fields, grass courts and any court with a solid surface is guaranteed. Choose number and type of trajectory, change spin, distance, ball sequence and create your own customized training sessions!



Non-stop training machine! Dragonet works with an innovative and revolutionary continuous cycle system. There is no need to buy hundreds of balls, Dragonet has no tank to fill: with only five balls, in fact, it is possible to train for hours with no need to stop and collect them. The special net structure gathers the balls and channels them efficiently, allowing the player to focus exclusively on training.

Train everywhere! One of the most notable traits that make Dragonet such a unique machine is its one-of-a-kind shooting system. Its builtin bouncing plate, in fact, allows you to bring your training sessions off the court wherever you want: from your house’s garden to your favorite beach, even on the snow. You won’t be limited by the surface you’ll be training on: you’ll be finally free to play tennis or padel where you’ve always dreamed to.

Train in a small room! When you think of a tennis or padel training machine, you usually think of having to get to a court. With Dragonet, it is possible to train wherever you prefer: you’ll only need 3X5 meters. The ballcollection structure can be assembled and disassembled without using any tools, while the trolley system makes it easy to move the machine. From your house terrace to the garage, Dragonet adapts to the needs of each player and their spaces.

Important features:

Ball sequence: 1,8 -10 sec
Trajectory: short-long, height adjustable
Ball type: top-spin, flat
Spreading angle: right-left-center
Housing: steel with lockable lid
Remote control: wireless, on/off

Overview of Dragonet Pro model: