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CROSSNET four square volleyball net

CROSSNET is the first volleyball game, which is played in four square fields. The basic idea for this fast game comes from the school playground game “Four Square”. The assembly and disassembly is super practical and in no time the set is stowed in the included bag. You can play on any lawn or sand surface at will. Fun and action are pre-programmed with CROSSNET for young and old.

The net posts are adaptable to the net heights for men’s or women’s volleyball. A net height for children is also provided. Thanks to the floor anchors, a secure stand is guaranteed and as soon as CROSSNET has been set up in the shortest possible time, the fun can begin.

Challenge your friends to a quick and exciting match in the home garden, in the park, at the bathing lake or on the beach. Or let CROSSNET flow into the warm-up program of your volleyball training. In addition, CROSSNET can be used in school sports.



The set includes the following content:

  • 1 x CROSSNET net
  • 1 x CROSSNET backback
  • 20 x steel tubes for attachment
  • 12 x ground pegs
  • 4 x tension strings
  • 1 x outer boundary

The product advantages for hobby players, volleyball clubs & schools summarized:

  • Very quick assembly and disassembly
  • Easily portable
  • Ideally suited for any lawn or sand area
  • With floor anchors for a stable stand
  • Including assembly instructions
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Unlimited number of players possible
  • Suitable for kids, women and men
  • Ideal for the warm-up program
  • Trains coordination and movements
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Ideally suited for physical education
  • Court dimension 440cm x 440cm
  • Inner court dimension 220cm x 220cm

Rules short version:

CROSSNET is the first volleyball game, which is played in four fields. The players compete against each other in a four-way battle. The goal is not to be eliminated and to enter the 4th field. A player is eliminated if the ball touches the ground in his own field. The player who scores 11 points first and is 2 points ahead wins the game. In order to play CROSSNET, the players first determine the four fields and assign each other a number from 1 to 4. A rally always starts in the 4th square and is played diagonally in the 2nd square. Now the ball can be played back in any field. Only one touch of the ball is allowed per player. Points are only collected in the 4th field. The players keep their points even if they drop out.

How to set-up and play: