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AirCAT ball machine

Welcome to the future of volleyball training. With patented Consistent Air Technology that creates consistently accurate tosses, the AirCAT is designed to work on not only team drills but individual skills as well, all while freeing up coaches to train and teach – not toss.

The AirCAT is fully-automatic, battery operated, and can pass up to 1,200 balls per hour. In addition to creating accurate and consistent tosses every time, the patented air mechanism preserves the life span of your volleyballs and no spinning wheels or exposed moving parts ensure coach and player safety. The AirCAT performs all drills necessary for the game of volleyball: hitting, digging, setting, blocking and serve receive and delivers the safest, most game-like reps for both offensive and defensive skill training.

Get more reps in less time with greater control. Put the AirCAT to work for your team and watch your players improve faster than ever.


Compared to the competition – there is no comparison:

Machine performance: AirCAT quickly tilts with the turn of a knob, to easily simulate sets, passes, hits or serves. Create any game-like experience with precision and repeatability by adjusting the angle, speed and tempo.
Durability: Air-propelled system with no spinning wheels on portable metal frame encased in a heavy-duty but lightweight poly shell. Frame built onto locking wheels.
Feeding and tempo: Air-propelled machine can be set to toss up to 1200 balls per hour. Ball Feeder holds up to 10 balls at a time and can be set for whatever time increments you see fit. Switch over to remote mode to control the machine from afar.
Ball wear: Patented CAT uses air tanks to toss out each ball without anything touching it : resulting in zero ball wear.
Setting: The AirCAT can be manipulated to dish out any set you may need for your hitters.
Digging: Set the machine up for same side digs to run on timer.
Serve receive: Delivers best game-like floaters in the market.
Visibility: Visual timing of ball delivery is alerted with flashing light and buzzer.
Remote use: Control the start and stop of play with wireless remote control by coach or player. In addition, a coach can remotely launch a ball with a touch of a button during the drill.
Cordless training: AirCAT can be used anywhere since powered with long-lasting (6-8 hours) battery.
Individual player training: Individual players can train with the remote control, or by setting the timer on the machine.

The ultimate high-rep training machine: