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  • AirCAT ball machine

    Welcome to the future of volleyball training. With patented Consistent Air Technology that creates consistently accurate tosses, the AirCAT is designed to work on not only team drills but individual skills as well, all while freeing up coaches to train and teach – not toss.

    The AirCAT is fully-automatic, battery operated, and can pass up to 1,200 balls per hour. In addition to creating accurate and consistent tosses every time, the patented air mechanism preserves the life span of your volleyballs and no spinning wheels or exposed moving parts ensure coach and player safety. The AirCAT performs all drills necessary for the game of volleyball: hitting, digging, setting, blocking and serve receive and delivers the safest, most game-like reps for both offensive and defensive skill training.

    Get more reps in less time with greater control. Put the AirCAT to work for your team and watch your players improve faster than ever.