Näitan 1–12 tulemust 76-st

  • A-Champs ROXPro set

    Transform your training into interactive experiences with ROX reaction lights. Improve reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance. For therapists, sports performance & fitness pros. Comes with 6 x ROXPro, 6 x adjustable straps and increased battery- and connectivity power of up to 44y/40m and a charging case.

  • Air Tennis Wall – different sizes

    The recently developed Air-Tennis tennis practice wall is the ideal training partner for everyone, from beginners to experts. This product is a unique and absolutely unbeatable piece of training equipment for use in stationary or transportable mode. It comes in a bag and is easy to transport. To set it up, simply unfold it on the ground and roll it out. Use the bellows (supplied), then fill it with air – it just takes seconds. You can use the air pressure gage, also supplied, to check that the air pressure is at the right level, as this also affects the way the ball bounces back. There are also attachment straps on both sides for attaching the practice wall to our pairs of stands, fences, or sports hall walls. The ground protection sheet, also supplied, is simply attached to the rear side of the wall with hook and loop fastener. You can also empty it in seconds, simply by turning over the bellows. Players can play on both sides of the Air-Tennis practice wall. It has lines marked on it at the height of the net to guide the player. Tested by international trainers who rated it very highly.

  • AirBag S

    The portable landing solution. The AirBag S is a crash mat for any sport that involves jumping. By adjusting the pressure you can easily transform the AirBag from a crash mat to a landing area suitable for upright landings. This mat helps athletes fail in a safe way, without creating noise in their confidence with pillow soft landings. Learn to succeed by failing!

  • AirBeam XL

    Gain confidence on the balance beam. The balance beam is one of the scarier apparatus in gymnastics. The AirBeam is a great way to get in those much needed hours of practice and gaining the confidence to ace your routine. The center line is raised to allow gymnasts to feel the edge of the beam. The soft surface surrounding the center ensures gymnasts can focus on their landing. Make your beam training challenging and fun.

  • AirBoard Boost

    This springboard evolution will give your training a boost! The AirBoard Boost is our soft springboard alternative. It is made with two air compartments, that can each be adjusted in pressure. The result is a lightweight springboard, suitable for all ages and weight levels.

  • AirCourt

    Familiar sports with a boost! Enhance your standard sport court by upgrading it to an inflatable AirCourt. The soft and bouncy floor gives an extra dimension to any activity. The AirTrack flooring is the perfect solution for organised group activities. Soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, NERF battles and many more are improved by the fun and challenging floor solution. The AirCourt is easily installed and is fully customizable in color, size and shape!

  • AirFloor Competition

    The AirTrack Competition Floor is a competition sized floor that is modular and fully adjustable in pressure. This allows athletes of all ages and skill levels to perform their routine on a floor that is set exactly to their body type and skill level.

    The Competition floor can be set up 4 times faster than a regular spring floor.

  • AirFloor Home

    The original gymnastics floor for training at home! The AirFloor Home is our most popular piece of home equipment. With three meters in length this floor is perfect for floor exercises and tumbling passes. Whether you’re at home, on vacation or at a friend’s house, you can still train like you’re at the gym!

    Want to share your progress with friends? Having a portable, bouncy and fun AirFloor will definitely attract the attention of your friends to come over and share a session! It’s suitable for all skill levels and age groups so fun is guaranteed.

  • AirFloor Home XL

    The extended gymnastics floor for training at home. The longer version of our most popular product, the AirFloor Home! The extra 2 meters make this AirFloor suited for taller or more advanced athletes who’d like to practice longer tumbling passes. Train inside or take it anywhere in the included carrying bag. Take your training to the max!

  • AirFloor P1

    Give your floor extra bounce! Due to the AirFloor being bouncy, less runup is required. The bounce provides additional air time and its softness lowers strain on the body. The preserved energy levels enable athletes to make more repetitions and coaches to increase focus on technique. With only 10 cm in thickness, the transition to a spring floor is minor. Therefore your training easily translates to an actual floor.

  • AirIncline

    The inflatable ramp for endless training purposes. We have seen them in every way possible; the DIY incline. Made from heavy benches, mats and blocks gathered from every corner of the gym. Building these heavy structures takes up valuable training time, when there is a quick and easy solution: the AirIncline. Infinitely useful and easily portable.

  • AirRoll stabilizer

    Keeps your AirRoll in place. Want to practice on your own with the AirRoll? The AirRoll stabilizer will keep your AirRoll in place during stretching, handstand exercises, bounce training and more! Gymnastics and Cheerleaders will definitely love this addition.