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Hydra Max M mobile hoop

This is the mobile version of the Hydra Max model.  Relocation of the stand is done using a special handle – which pair of wheels descend from the bottom of the stand. Then with a special trolley user is able to roll the stand around. Hydra Max M stand is perfect for training, 3×3 games or young players as the height is adjustable (305 – 250 cm). Extra heavy stand is suitable for a standard sized backboard. Stable and elegant construction will improve the look of your backyard.


Stand type: mobile (counter weight is included in the set, covered concrete blocks)
Adjustable height: 305 – 250 cm
Steel profile: 150 x 150 mm (main post)
Backboard size: 180 x 105 cm
Projection range: 90 cm (distance from the front of the main post to the front of the backboard)
Paint type: powder coating (standard color is black, custom color on demand)
Ring: PRO ring, white net included
Post protector: on demand (black, blue or red)
Backboard protector: on demand (black, blue or red)

This stand can be customized with 2 different backboards:

  • Weatherproof plywood (thickness 1,8 cm)
  • Clear acrylic plastic  (thickness 1 cm)

Both options provide complete immunity to all weather conditions. Backboard borders are always reinforced with aluminum profile. Backboard lines are painted.

All ring dimensions are standard. PRO rings are produced from full steel bar and powder coated.