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The next generation of kettlebells, medicine balls or atlas stones. When filled with water and air, these training balls will increase imbalance in every movement. Constant corrections help strengthen muscles that would otherwise be ignored.

The AquaBall comes in three different sizes. The largest size can weigh up to 40 kg! The AquaBall is perfect for core and shoulder exercises. Any exercise you can do with kettlebells, medicine balls or atlas stones will be easily replicated with the AquaBall. You no longer need extra weights or expensive equipment.



Inbalance. This category consists of exercises with a focus on the unstable character of the aqua products. The goal should be to prevent or control movement of the water within the equipment. To succeed, you have to use your stabilizing muscles and your whole body has to be prepared for action. The emphasis on proprioceptive systems, co-contrations and preflexes make this type of training extremely relevant within the fields of injury prevention, rehabilitation, warm-up, physical therapy and many more.

Inpact. Within this category we place all exercises that create impact or power. The inertia of water makes you get ‘hit’ by the water when performing exercises very quick, explosive or sharp. When focussing on the counter movement a great reactive impact will be created. These type of exercises require maximal engagement of your core muscles and are specifically relevant in diverse sport specific settings and for those who want a tough work-out.

Insync. When performing with a certain flow you are working in this category. The intention is that you are moving along with the movement of water within the aqua product. In this way you get rotational or centrifugal forces. These kinds of exercises may help you improve rhythmic movement, coordination and increasing range of motion.


Warranty: 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects
Sizes: AquaBall S ⌀ 0.3 m, AquaBall M ⌀ 0.4 m, AquaBall L ⌀ 0.5 m
Size rolled up: approximately 0.1 x 0.3 m
Set includes:
1 x AquaBall, 1 x Exercise poster, 1 x User manual
Weight: AquaBall S = 15 kg max, AquaBall = M 25 kg max, AquaBall L = 40 kg max

Check out the AquaBall in action: