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A-Champs ROXPro set

Transform your training into interactive experiences with ROX reaction lights. Improve reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination and balance. For therapists, sports performance & fitness pros. Comes with 6 x ROXPro, 6 x adjustable straps and increased battery- and connectivity power of up to 44y/40m and a charging case.


Light, sound and vibration: Multi-sensory cues stimulate multiple senses and recreate real game and life scenarios.
Adjustable sensors: Adjustable sensitivity of sensors complies to different training and location needs.
Balance feature: Body balance assessment and training via immediate feedback.
Super durable: Ball, kick, punch-proof ROX. Made of jet-fighter materials and engineered to withstand any impact.
Mobile tech: Reliable IoT connectivity, easy set up and wireless charging for convenient long-term use.
Training methodology: Sports-science backed Programs for cognitive-motor skills development, focus-training and motivation boosting.

How to set up ROXs Pro:

Check out lights in action: