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Playmate Volley Dream

The ball machine Playmate Volley Dream is a high-quality portable ball throwing machine with aluminum housing and battery operation. It meets the highest safety requirements. There is a sensor installed, which immediately stops the ball ejection if a person stands in the immediate vicinity in the ejection direction. Furthermore, the new Volley Dream comes with a lockable lid, which must be locked for safety reasons in game mode.

It can be set in seven directions. For example: right, middle, left, left right, right, middle. Likewise, it plays top spin and slice, as well as short-long. The ball sequence can be adjusted continuously to 6-60 pieces of balls per minute. An ideal device for individual or group training. Exact throwing accuracy and quiet running. With the newly integrated accessory „i-Playmate“ you can use an App to control the Playmate i-Shmash via the i-Phone or i-Pad, as well as record, document and compare your training achievements.


Technical data:

Capacity: about 180 balls with lid closed.
Dimensions (height x width x depth): 64 x 56 x 48 cm
Weight: 31 kg
Power connection: battery operation (charging current 230 V)
Battery life: min 4 hours
Charging time: 6 hours
Top speed: 140 km/h
Ball sequence: 1 – 10 sec.
Trajectory: short-long, infinitely adjustable Ball Types Top Spin, Slice
Ball Types: Top Spin and Slice
Spread angle: 7 directions right-left-center
Housing: aluminum with lockable lid
Safety: shut down sensors
Remote control: wireless, on / off