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Padel court PRIME

The Prime padel court is unique in its design concept with emphasis being on factory pre-fabricated panels and a smaller section structural frame size providing a guaranteed quality court more easily installed on site when compared to standard courts assembled during site installation.



Model description:

  • Steel Frame construction with 80×40x2mm tubes, double screws.
  • Electro-welded wire mesh panels of 50x50x4 mm.
  • Approved tempered glass of 10mm or 12mm thickness.
  • Artificial turf certified by the Padel Federation. Fibrillated or monofibre in several colours.
  • Injury free system.
  • Lighting supports on vertical, on the sides of the court. Optional from the corners.
  • Leds 200W.
  • Painted and oven lacquered, colour at customer choice.
  • Hinged or sliding doors available as extra options.
  • Designed for outdoors and indoors.

Available articifial grass options:

  • Fibrillated turf Smash Turfgrass, color green or blue
  • Monofibre turf Advanced Turfgrass color green, blue, pink, red, terracota, black
  • Monofibre texturized turf ScoreTurfgrass color green
  • Monofibre texturized turf ScoreTurfgrass or PG5 color blue
  • Fibrillated turf 66 12 A Mondo color green, blue, terracota
  • Monofibre turf STX 90 12 Mondo color green, blue, orange and purple
  • Monofibre turf Supercourt XN Mondo color green or blue

Portable kit available for having a mobile padel court.