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Micah SkillMat

The Mat that helps create the world’s most skilled basketball players. NBA All-Stars and players all over the world have used Micah Lancaster’s GripMat and Footwork Training System with great success, and now the rollup SkillMat has taken training to another level. The I’m Possible SkillMat comes with 10 free tutorials located in the I’m Possible Cloud app. Just download the app and start training right away inside “I’m Possible Essentials”.


The SkillMat is a one-size fits all accountability training tool that truly allows players of all sizes, ages, and levels to master their skills and footwork like never before.

Coaches have used tape to mark areas of the floor for decades with the purpose of holding players accountable to space and various techniques. The SkillMat serves the same purpose, carefully engineered to help players master their skills with built in guides and instructions, with the added mobility to easily move it from spot to spot.

The I’m Possible SkillMat is designed with anti-slip technology, making for a durable training surface that will grip to the floor during aggressive footwork. Players can push off, jump from, and land on the SkillMat without risk of injury, providing players with the most adaptable form of accountability that exists for the game of basketball.

While the SkillMat is heavy enough to properly grip to the floor, it’s designed to be easily rolled up and stored for maximum mobility from gym to gym.

Check out the Micah SkillMat in action: