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Goliath GoTek54 inground hoop

GoTek54 comes with a powder-coated steel hoop pole which can be anchored in your driveway quickly and easily using the revolutionary Quick Play installation design.

The special Stability-Strength technology anchors the GoTek54 directly in the ground with concrete for the highest level of stability and rigidity. The 137 x 84 cm (W x H) Infinity Edge backboard features brackets on the four corners that converge on the back of the board for additional stability.

The pro-style breakaway hoop is delivered partially pre-assembled, which means you’ll be ready to play in no time at all. The hoop contains springs on the hoop ring that bend under stress. Just like in official NBA hoops, this technology prevents the backboard from shattering or players getting injured by excessive stresses.

The entire basketball hoop system can be adjusted to any height between 2.3 m and 3.05 m (official NBA and FIBA regulation height) with a simple crank.


Backboard:Infinity Edge backboard: 137 x 84 cm polycarbonate, 4 cm thick, with a 63 cm span
Height-adjustable: Crank-driven height adjustment from 2.3 m to 3.05 m
Flexibility: Quick-Play design for quick and easy assembly
Protection: The powder coating guarantees the integrity of the steel
Quickly assembled: Designed for quick assembly with pre-assembled components and minimal tool use
Stability: The basketball hoop system is anchored directly in the ground and secured with concrete inside the hoop pole
Hoop pole: 8.89 cm (round pole)
Certified: TÜV Rheinland, Testing Centre Shanghai
Warranty: 5 years