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Goalrilla CV72 inground hoop

Goalrilla CV72 is one of the newest models from the Goalrilla basketball hoop system series. The hoop system is based on the tried-and-tested constructions inspired by earlier Goalrilla basketball systems (welded, extremely wide support arms and a welded steel frame) to ensure well-balanced and even rebounds from the clear glass backboard. This hoop is what you need for crunch time!

Unlike other hoop systems, the support brackets are connected to the actual backboard, creating even more visibility from any angle and giving the hoop system an arena feel. The hoop system can withstand a vertical torque of more than 454 kg via the rim, giving it plenty of stability.

The steel on the basketball hoop is protected with a powder coating for ultimate corrosion and UV protection. This coating will protect the look and performance of the basketball system for years to come. The ground anchor adds the rigidity of concrete and the possibility to remove the basketball system for relocation.

What good is a basketball hoop that lasts a lifetime, if it can’t move with you? That’s where the Goalrilla Anchor System comes in. Besides allowing for easy, accurate leveling at installation, the Goalrilla Anchor System also allows your Goalrilla basketball hoop to be dismounted and moved to another location. All you’ll have to do is replace the Goalrilla Anchor System and remount your Goalrilla unit. Goalrilla builds each and every basketball goal to last a lifetime – regardless of where your life will take you.


Backboard: 183 x 107 cm clear hard-glass backboard made of 1.3 cm thick tempered glass with a 1.2 cm span (compliant with NCAA, FIBA and NBA regulations for backboard dimensions)
Height-adjustable: With hand crank for heights between 2.3 m and 3.05 m
Flexibility: The anchor kit lets you put up and take down the hoop system with ease.
Protection: The powder coating guarantees the integrity of the steel
Stability: Extreme stability due to the pro-style breakaway hoop rim
Hoop pole: 15 x 20 cm
Accessories: Anchor kit attachment system, heavy-weight hoop ring, hoop pole buffer and backboard protection
Certified: TÜV Rheinland, Testing Centre Shanghai
Warranty: 5 years