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Goliath GB60 inground hoop

The GB60 comes with a powder-coated steel pole and a 152 x 84 cm backboard and features a revolutionary assembly design. The unique Stability-Strength technology anchors the basketball hoop system firmly and securely in the ground. The stability and rigidity of the structure are therefore increased.

The basketball hoop system comes partially pre-assembled, with the fittings and a pro-style, breakaway hoop installed. Delivery of a pre-assembled basketball hoop means that the rest of the system is quickly assembled in no time at all.

The spring-activated basketball hoop bends under stress to ensure the safety of players and the backboard. A hand-operated crank lets you adjust the height of the basketball hoop from the NBA and FIBA regulation height of 3.05 m to a safety-approved 2.3 m.


Backboard: 152 x 84 cm clear hard-glass backboard made of 0.79 cm thick tempered glass with a 76 cm span
Height-adjustable: With hand-crank drive for heights between 2.3 m and 3.05 m
Flexibility: The anchor kit lets you put up and take down the hoop system with ease.
Protection: The powder coating guarantees the integrity of the steel
Stability: The basketball hoop system is anchored directly in the ground and the hoop pole is secured with concrete on the inside. Extreme stability due to the pro-style breakaway hoop rim
Hoop pole: Two-part hoop pole 10 x 10 cm
Accessories: Anchor Kit and medium weight Flex Rim
Certified: TÜV Rheinland, Testing Centre Shanghai
Warranty: 5 years